Stellar Fall Yard Tips


Are you ready for Fall?

It can be a weird time of year for yard maintenance, aside from raking up the leaves, what needs to be done? Everything? Nothing? We've put together a guided checklist to make sure you're ready for all the elements!

  • Rake up all leaves and debris.

  • Remove dead annuals and mulch hardy perennials. Perennials' top growth dies back, even though the root ball is hardy enough to survive even extreme temperatures, especially if it's covered with a layer of mulch. TIP: The best time to mulch is after the first big freeze! Just don't cover the centre of the plant this can lead to rot!

  • Trim dead and unruly branches out the trees and prune your hedges! This will help keep you safe during the stormy nights ahead!

  • Aerate your lawn! This will allow moisture and nutrients to get into the roots. See our Guide to a Greener Lawn for more tipes!

  • Fertilize your turfgrass. When given enough nutrients, turf grasses have the ability to store food in the form of carbohydrates during the winter months. That means less work come spring!

  • Make sure you drain and disconnect your outdoor faucets before the freezing weather hits!

  • Clean and protect your deck! The time is now: Get that pressure washer out and make sure your deck is clean of mould and mildew, then weatherproof it! You can get weatherproofing wood stain at your local supply shop!

  • And don't forget to till your vegetable garden!

We at Iris Landscaping know just how important it is to get your front, and backyard, ready for fall! We have a variety of seasonal services that can whip your yard into shape in no time!

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