SprucingYour Home Up For the Holidays.


The holidays can be stressful, with family coming to town, trying to keep your home festive inside and out, the last thing you may be thinking of is the outside of your home. But studies have shown that your yard, being the first thing people see, can have a big effect on the overall impression of your home. Lucky for you we have three tips to quickly help you spruce up your yard just in time for the holidays.

Focus on Your Hard Scapes.

"Winter is the best time to consider hardscape," Pierson says. "A trellis, a garden bench, an arbour, even a garden sculpture are really essential."

Winter is a good time to critically assess your landscape, figure out what you feel it's missing and fill empty voids. The solution to enhancing your winter garden might not be a plant at all!

Update Your Summer Containers.

Window boxes, hanging baskets, and any other weatherproof containers are all easy to adjust for winter landscaping. Broadleaf evergreen shrubs, like Japanese Andromeda, holly, and rhododendron, are the perfect addition for the winter season!

Choose Four-Season Perennials.

Some perennials have evergreen foliage, making them great for winter landscaping. Even in colder northern areas, many perennials like tall sedum and black-eyed Susan have attractive seed heads that add interest to the winter landscape if you leave them standing until spring!

If you are still looking for somewhere to start, give us a call at (604) 300 - 2676 and we can get your space ready for the holidays!