Keeping Your Lawn Healthy in the Heat


We have assembled our top three tips to keeping your lawn in perfect shape this summer! Because we know while a brown lawn isn't bad, a green lawn is prettier

  1. Water Deeply not Daily

Watering your grass too often creates a shallow root system and when water becomes scarce your lawn will struggle.

To encourage deep and healthy root growth, you should water your lawn deeply once a week. Helping it develop deep roots so during those hot summer weeks it is able to survive.

2. Mow High

Mowing your grass is a vital part of lawn care, ensuring it can thrive means more than just watering it once a week! Keeping your lawn in proper order allows it to thrive! Remember that a lawn is made up of thousands of tiny plants, and if you cut them too short, you will seriously damage them.

3. Fed is Best

Feeding your grass regularly helps it stay in tip top shape! Did you know that "Within 6-8 weeks of feeding, microbes in the soil have processed most of the nutrients for your lawn to absorb." This means you will need to replenish these nutrients! A well-fed lawn grows in thick, crowding out weeds and cooling the soil, which helps it handle the heat! To choose your right fertilizer check out our blog post "A Guide to a Geener Lawn"

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